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Seymchan Pallasite Meteorite - 1,474.18g - HUGE, Full Slice End Cut!

Seymchan Pallasite Meteorite - 1,474.18g - HUGE, Full Slice End Cut!

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The Seymchan meteorite is a fascinating extraterrestrial rock that was discovered near the Seymchan river in Russia in 1967. It is classified as a pallasite meteorite, which is a type of stony-iron meteorite that contains olivine crystals embedded in an iron-nickel matrix.  In this particular slice, you are viewing the nickel-iron region, just below the crystal border.  Please note - on this slice, there was an attempt made to remove an additional slice from it, however the cut was aborted.  Therefore, there is a visual cut in the top corner, as seen in the photo  This does not afact the meteorite in any way.  

Seymchan meteorites are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. The meteorite is believed to have originated from the core-mantle boundary of a differentiated asteroid that broke apart billions of years ago. Its discovery has provided valuable insights into the composition and history of our solar system, making it a significant object of scientific study.

Overall, the Seymchan meteorite is a stunning and rare example of a pallasite meteorite, with its striking visual appeal and scientific significance making it a prized piece for meteorite collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

About Stony-Iron Meteorites: Stony-iron meteorites, the rarest and often considered the most visually-desirable of the three meteorite categories, consist of iron-nickel, silicate minerals and gemstones. Within the stony-iron category, we have two different types: Pallasites and Mesosiderites.



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Care Instructions

How do I care for my meteorites?

For stony meteorites, you have very little to worry about outside of accidentally dropping and breaking the specimen.

With iron/stony-iron meteorites - you'll need to pay a little more attention to them. it's always a battle of humidity vs meteorite, and usually depends on where you live that will determine the level of extra attention that you'll need to give it.  The higher the humidity, the bigger hit the meteorite will take.  But with good habits, care and attention for your meteorites, you'll catch any issues before they ever become a serious problem.   

If you are finding that you are running into any problems down the line, you might want to consider sending the meteorite in for restoration, which we can do for you for a small fee.

Depending on how you display an iron or stony-iron meteorite (in or out of a cabinet) will determine if you should consider purchasing a desiccant container or not.  If it's being displayed inside of a cabinet, we suggest getting something like what's found in the link below to keep in the cabinet along with your meteorite:

If you are storing it outside of a cabinet, just be sure to use a microfiber cloth every so often to (very, very gently) wipe any oils from your fingers off of it. 

The following methods below are helpful advice for the care of your iron meteorites that you can follow if you desire to do so, however, this is to be done at your own risk.  It is always best to send your specimen in for professional restoration:

If you have any rust appearing on the meteorite, consider using a little bit of CLR (found in most stores such as Lowes and even on Amazon, and apply it to the meteorite using distilled water.  Wear gloves and gently scrub the solution into the meteorite.  This usually removes rust the fastest, but you're not done yet!  Rinse the stone off with distilled water and place it in the oven at approximately 150 degrees F for about 6 hours.  This will take care of any remnant liquid left on the meteorite to prevent rust from forming.  The iron will be very hot, so please use caution when handling while still in the oven.  

When it comes to iron meteorites, we also suggest avoiding the use of membrane film cases.  While they are fine to use for transportation from point A to point B, over time they trap moisture and can cause the meteorite to begin to rust. 

If you bought a stony meteorite, you don't need to worry about rust - just its fragility.  All meteorites have varying levels of fragility - some more than others.  Always handle with care!

If you do not wish to attempt to clean your meteorite, we can do this for you.  The fee for restoration is minimal, but depends on the size, type and condition of the meteorite in question. If you've waited too long to send in for restoration, it might require more work to rid the specimen of rust and moisture.  If you've waited until the point of no return, you might have a meteorite that is too far gone for any restoration.  Essentially, you will have killed your meteorite... don't kill your meteorite. It lasted 4.6 billion years before it met you.  Do you want to be the reason you wiped it out of existence in such a short amount of time?

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