Your answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive!

How do I know that your meteorites are genuine?
All of our meteorites have gone through scientific classification - a process in which dedicated scientists in the field of Meteoritics study a sample of the meteorite using several different techniques including spectroscopy.  The scientist first confirms what type of meteorite they are looking at, followed by an in-depth study to determine its origins. This is a very general summary of the very long, tedious and expensive process that scientists take to confirm not only the type, but the parent body it once broke away from. 

How do you know for sure that a meteorite is from our Moon/Mars?
We appreciate this question no matter how many times it is asked. The simple answer is "science".  Both our Moon and planet Mars lack an atmosphere. When asteroids strike these celestial objects (which happens quite frequently - think of the Moon with all of those craters!), fragments eject from the impact and occasionally make their way into Earth’s orbit. If the stone survives its cataclysmic entry into Earth, it lands on the ground and becomes known as a meteorite.

From there, meteorite hunters discover the stones, connect with us and we submit them into scientific classification where they go under a microscope and become officially classified by leading scientists in the field of Meteoritics.  There are many people around the world who make meteorite hunting their primary living. Some meteors are witnessed as they enter our atmosphere, some fall without anyone ever knowing, while others may have been waiting to be discovered for many, many years.

This is how we bring meteorites to both science and collectors. Some of our meteorites have even made their way into museums and universities all around the world!

Where are your meteorites found?
The short answer is - EVERYWHERE!  We have Meteorites from just about every Continent.  We even have Meteorites that have fallen through houses!

How do I care for my meteorites?

It depends on what type of meteorite you are purchasing.  If it is an iron meteorite/stony-iron meteorite and you handle it often, consider taking a dry microfiber cloth to it weekly and lightly remove any oils from your fingers that may reside. 

The following methods below are helpful advice that you can follow if you desire to do so, however, this is to be done at your own risk.  It is always best to send your specimen in for professional restoration:

If you have any rust appearing on the meteorite, consider using a little bit of CLR (found in most stores such as Lowes and even on Amazon, and apply it to the meteorite using distilled water.  Wear gloves and gently scrub the solution into the meteorite.  This usually removes rust the fastest, but you're not done yet!  Rinse the stone off with distilled water and place it in the oven at approximately 150 degrees F for about 6 hours.  This will take care of any remnant liquid left on the meteorite to prevent rust from forming.  The iron will be very hot, so please use caution when handling while still in the oven.  

When it comes to iron meteorites, we also suggest avoiding the use of membrane film cases.  While they are fine to use for transportation from point A to point B, over time they trap moisture and can cause the meteorite to begin to rust. 

If you bought a stony meteorite, you don't need to worry about rust - just its fragility.  All meteorites have varying levels of fragility - some more than others.  Always handle with care!

If you do not wish to attempt to clean your meteorite, we can do this for you.  The fee for restoration is minimal, but depends on the size, type and condition of the meteorite in question. If you've waited too long to send in for restoration, it might require more work to rid the specimen of rust and moisture.  If you've waited until the point of no return, you might have a meteorite that is too far gone for any restoration.  Essentially, you will have killed your meteorite... don't kill your meteorite. It lasted 4.6 billion years before it met you.  Do you want to be the reason you wiped it out of existence?

Can you help identify my meteorite?
We can only answer this question if you purchased your stone from us.  In the meantime, there are several ways that you can visually inspect your suspect stone to see if it has any traits of being a meteorite.  Chances are, you do not have one (sorry to say), so we suggest inspecting your stone for why it's NOT a meteorite.  There are many accredited websites that you can use as a reference.  With all of this being said, meteorites can only be verified when analyzed by an experienced Scientist or expert who study meteorites under a microscope.  

Do you do presentations/lectures?
Yes, we do.  We have several high quality presentations to choose from.  Our presentations range from Meteorites 101 to the meteor that ended the dinosaurs.  Most presentations are approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour in length, and usually end with a Q&A and a hands-on opportunity to hold museum-grade specimens.  If you want us to bring items for sale, we are happy to do so.  Brett typically presents, unless he has a conflict on your desired date.  Please connect with Lisa at ICMeteorites@gmail.com to discuss further details on logistics and pricing.  

Will you be adding more shows to your tour?
Yes!  We are always adding more shows all around the United States (and soon internationally).  Stay tuned to our website and be sure to follow us on Social Media for updates to our schedule.  

Can you authenticate my meteorite?
We do not conduct Meteorite identification/verification.  By requesting this from us, your email/message will automatically be filtered as Spam. Due to the increase in popularity, meteorites have struck the interest of millions around the world.  As a result, we receive 30 or more identification requests every single day, which we do not and will not answer.  Please connect with your local University or science center for further review of your suspect stone.  Again, there is no way to identify your stone in question without the aid of a professional who can analyze it under a microscope. 

I have a meteorite for sale. Will you purchase it?
We ONLY purchase collections that are officially classified stones, and usually only when they have labels from previous dealers (provenance) that accompany them.  If you are reaching out for us to buy an unclassified meteorite, you will not get a response from us.  

Common shipping questions:

About how long will it take to receive my package?
We always mail packages through USPS Priority Mail (3 day delivery for Domestic) unless we are forced to use another provider.  

For International mail, we've seen packages arrive anywhere from 15-30 days.  Unfortunately, timing of delivery is out of our control once we mail the package, but we use the most trusted and reliable postal service in the United States and that time frame is what we typically see.  

Do you recommend I get added insurance on my package? 
It depends.  If you are spending under $100, the package is typically insured automatically.  If anything over $100 is spent,  that will be up to you to decide.  All packages automatically mail out without added insurance unless you tell us in advance that you'd like to add it.  Once the package leaves our hands, it's out of our control.  

With that being said, we HIGHLY suggest you insure your packages if you are spending a lot of money - it's the only way to ensure you are covered.  For example: some of our Meteorites can be quite expensive.  Say you purchased a Meteorite for $1,000 - The postal service will typically NOT cover you for more than $100 (should the package become lost or damaged) unless you requested additional insurance prior to the package label being printed.  You would email us and request insurance (prior to making the purchase) for the price you paid for the meteorite, which covers you in the unfortunate case of a lost or damaged parcel.  Depending on the location the package is going to, you may only qualify for partial insurance (this is determined by the postal service), but some insurance is better than none!  We can inform you of the price and percentage of additional insurance prior to you making a purchase - you just need to let us know first!

Once the package leaves our hands, it becomes the responsibility of the post office to successfully deliver you the package. Rest assured - we use USPS Priority Mail, which has an outstanding track record.  It is, and has always been up to the buyer to decide for additional insurance - this goes for anything you purchase from anywhere.  Please connect with us PRIOR to purchasing so we can arrange additional insurance on your behalf, should you decide to want to do so.  

If I am located outside of the United States, will I be charged import fees?
Every country is different.  Please connect with your local postal service to get the answer to your question.  The value you pay for the meteorite(s) from us will be exactly what is documented and presented on the customs form -  not a penny less. While this may be inconvenient to our customers (and we completely sympathize with you for the outrageous, unnecessary expensive import fees), this is the law. Please do not request us to document it any differently - we assure you we won't.